Design and Construction of Wadi Bridges and Culverts at Al Qurum


Parsons International & Company LLC

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This project encompasses the design and construction of adequate all-weather cross drainage provisions, an upgrade of the service road as well as the construction of a new flood protection dike that will ensure the safety of the neighboring commercial and residential areas.

Description of Work:

- 4 Bridges (200 meters each) with precast post-tensioned beams.

- 10,000 meters cast-in-situ concrete piles Ø 600 mm.

- Reinforced concrete box culvert.

- One 1,000 m long flood protection rock fill dike.

- Reinforced concrete / reinforced soil walls.

- Excavation and embankment for roads and dikes.

- Road works, water drainage, asphalting, lighting, safety barriers, guardrails, curbing works, road signing and marking.

- Traffic and utilities diversion and protection on highways.


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