Design & Construction of the Repair Works Along Quriyat Sur Road


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The Design and Construction of the repair works along the Quriyat-Sur road, covers mainly flood protection works for bridges, culverts and Drainage works.


Description of Work:

a- part-1: - Repair works at Wadi Dayqah Bridge: Stabilizing the soil under and arround the Wadi bridge foundation, that has been damaged due to erosion phenomena.

       1- Jet grouting Curtain Wall (15 meters deep, 600 & 1500 mm dia).

       2- RCC Cutoff wall (3.5 meters deep)

       3- Gabion works.

       4- RCC cap for cutoff wall & jet grouting wall.

       5- Rock Armour and Riprap protection works.

b- Part-2: - Consist of repair works at culverts and drainage protection works all over the existing Quriyat-Sur Highway of 60Km length.

       1- Repair works and strengthening of culvert inlet & outlet works (12Nos)

       2- Construction of Median ditches.

       3- Construction of side drains and chutes.

       4- Asphalt repair works.

       5- Construction of concrete barriers.

       6- Repair works at Wadi Hilm bridge.

       7- Riprap protection works.

       8- Rock Armour.



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