Rehabilitation Works (Wadis, Bridges, Roads) in Quriyat Lot2


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The rehabilitation works (Roads, Bridges, Wadis) in Quriyat Lot-2 comprises the lifting up traffic over the main and secondary Wadis all along Daghmar-Quriyat road and to replace the irrish crossings by either box culverts or Wadi bridges which ensure the traffic non-interruption during the flooding (10 Km). It includes as well the rehabilitation of Al Mazaraa road of 15 Km.


Description of Work:

- Construction of 3 Wadi bridges (210m, 180m, and 91m) length, the superstructure of which were constructed by pre-cast post tensioned I girders erected on circular piers and pier head. the foundations of the bridges inside the Wadi were built on a stabilized soil by the jet grouting columns technology eliminating the scouring from beneath the foundation during floods.

- Arrangement of Wadi bed by excavating more than 1 million cubic meter and constructing side earth dykes protected by RC walls, Riprap and Gabian boxes for a length of arround 6000 lm.

- Construction of 4 km of approach roads to the bridges with all related furnitures road works includes water drainage, asphalting, road lighting, safety barriers, sidewalks, road signing and marking.

- Executing of multicells box culverts of size (3m x 4m).

- Executing of concrete pavement Irrish crossings in Al Mazaraa roads and at fish Harbour Cornish.

- Widening and repairing Al Mazaraa road including repair the road protection, Asphalt repairing, creating the necessary surface drainage system (Pitches channels concrete or stone), construction of chute and Gard rails.


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